Pathways to God's purpose
The world needs to hear a message of Repentance,  hope, forgiveness, deliverance and healing! The Gospel is the power of God that leads us to salvation, freedom and life! We need to show the world the power of God in demonstration of His Spirit, power and love. Revival meetings are needed to touch God and cry out for our nation and to usher in a great awakening of the knowledge and Power of God, repentance and salvation! We need a fresh move of Gods power, love and anointing! We need the fear of God in our midst!
As Jesus walked we need to walk in our communities - in love and in demonstration of His healing power and deliverance. Many people are sick, lonely, hurting and held captive by addictions and fears.

Come and experience God's true love!


Our Ministries

Women's Empowerment

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The Youth & Young Adult Ministry.
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The Children's Ministry.
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Men's Empowerment

Real men serves Jesus as LORD!

2012 - Take posession

  • Did Satan stole from you, did the locust destroyed your harvest, loosing your job during 2011? 2012 is the year of restoration – take back what the devil has stolen from you! If it is your health, claim it back! Is it drug or alcohol abuse – claim your freedom! Visit our services to learn more. Read more ................
  • Our Mission and Vision, Norms and Standards

Welfare: The Family and Individual Support Program assists families with children, seniors and individuals with necessary food and clothing. Services provided by our Family and Individual Support include but are not limited to food and normal clothing alone, but includes arrangements for job interviews, job placements, workplace attire for applicants / graduates, shoes, school clothing, school supplies and school fees for children; ........

  • Sunday: Service Schedule
    Sunday: 09:00 morning service and 18:00 Youth & Young Adults.

Where to find us: For GPS co-ordinates & Street map click link below.